Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Beginning

So before we moved I was working full time at a commercial real estate company where I would spend a lot of my time creating marketing pieces for our listings.  At first, I was totally intimidated considering I had never really used the programs they were hoping that I would be familiar with, such as Microsoft Publisher...well it didn't take much time for me to realize how amazing it could be and the endless possibilities of creating anything you desire.  It was the only way we were able to design our very own wedding invitations, which I enjoyed every minute of!  I think that whole process made me discover my passion for all DIY projects!

Now that I'm home working from our personal computer, I no longer had access to Publisher which was real disappointing when I tried to create a simple card and it took ehhhh about 4 days!!! So unbelievable!  And wow, it can be very frustrating trying to create anything on Word and Paint!  But thankfully, I have an amazing husband who totally supports this crazy new adventure of my creative side, that he was able to downloaded a free 60-day trial, wooooohoooooo!!!! It totally made my day!!!!  It's funny, how the little things (even better when the are free) can mean so much to us!  I feel totally inspired and excited now that I have publisher!!!  Guess you all know where I will be hiding out for the next 60 days....

Here is the link for your free trial, check it out and have fun:

I think this was my first publisher project, our Save the Date postcards...

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