Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinterest LOVE for February!

Okay, don't get upset when you read this...I'm not so hip on making a big deal out of  Valentine's Day - I know, I know, sounds crazy, but really, I've always thought of it as a total Hallmark day and feel that you should express how much you LOVE others EVERY day, not just on Valentine's day.  BUT, I do enjoy all the fun crafts, decor and sweet treats that go with along with heart day.  Phew, now that you all know how I feel, hopefully you are still reading...here are a few photos from Pinterest that I am loving for this month!

  French script heart pillow, love!

 Love the burlap, think it would be fun for wedding decor too!

 I absolutely adore this! 
(The Pennington Point)

 Paper heart garland, so simple and chic.

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  1. I'm not a big Valentine's Day girl either. Cute ideas!

  2. Love these ideas. I adore that paper heart garland. (I only made 1 thing for vday!)

  3. The features/shares above are so sweet - I love the garland and I LOVE Pinterest!
    Great Valentine post!

    The wine label in your new posts is adorable, I see why you have crush!

    Hope you're having a great Valentine's Day. Cheers to you and yours, Elena.