Friday, September 30, 2011

Roadside Treasure

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were on a very much needed coffee run when we drove by a huge FREE sign on a piece of furniture.  I immediately made him turn around to take a lil looksey, and he of course reminded me that we had enough projects going on at the house and where would I even put this thing.  But you see, I have always wanted to find something for "free" on the side of the road to bring home and vamp up.   So it finally happened, we loaded up the free dresser/buffet - it's the little things in life that make this girl happy!  Here is a photo of what she looks like right now....

She is totally in need of some help... maybe some black  paint with vintage glass knobs??? Any ideas? 
Happy Friday!!!


  1. ELENA!!! What an incredible FIND!! Anything free makes me sooooo happy too!! I think you nailed it: paint it black and get some cute knobs from Anthropologie :) Super antique. LOVE IT.

  2. Great find! You know I love it and would have also tried to pick it up anyway possible. Distressed maybe? It will be fun to work on, cannot wait to see the transformation!